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Vietnamese tourist kneels down in tears and begs for refund at Sim Lim Square shop, Singapore

VIRALPRIME.COM – What was supposed to be a happy vacation in Singapore for a Vietnamese tourist turned into a nightmare, as he was left in tears over the weekend after trying to get a refund for an iPhone 6 from Sim Lim Square shop MobileAir.

According to a report in Stomp, the tourist, who earns $200 a month as a factory worker in Vietnam, was asked to pay an additional $1,500 for a warranty package on top of a payment of $950 which he had already made for an iPhone 6. He had intended to purchase the mobile phone for his girlfriend as her birthday present.

In the video, a man, presumably the shopkeeper, is heard asking the tourist how he is “going to settle (his) money”. In tears, the tourist said, “I don’t know. I borrowed (from) my friend, so I want to give (it) back to my friend, you know?” He then bowed his head to the ground, looking helplessly around. He did this twice before standing up.

His girlfriend finally decided to call the police, despite the staff saying that they would retract the offer of a $600 refund if she did so. Subsequently, the police arrived and officers from the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) were called in. The couple was ultimately refunded $400, which the tourist said he accepted because he had to return to Vietnam in two days and wasn’t sure if CASE could help him get back a full refund.The tourist went home Monday afternoon. This comes after MobileAir recently made the headlines for refunding a woman $1,010 in 18kg worth of coins, including one-cent and five-cent coins. That incident had also prompted CASE to launch an investigation on the complaints that it has received against the shop this year.



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(via Stomp)

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