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Stunning Black and White Photos Capture Dramatic Light in NYC

VIRALPRIME.COM – Alex Teuscher, a Geneva-based self-taught photographer wanted to capture the day-to-day life and fantastic architecture while visiting New York City. He explored for ten days and documented iconic locations in black and white photos. Enjoy the stunning photos from Alex below, hope you all enjoy it.

VP_20141021_01_01 VP_20141021_01_02 VP_20141021_01_03 VP_20141021_01_04 VP_20141021_01_05 VP_20141021_01_06 VP_20141021_01_07 VP_20141021_01_08 VP_20141021_01_09 VP_20141021_01_10 VP_20141021_01_11 VP_20141021_01_12 VP_20141021_01_13 VP_20141021_01_14 VP_20141021_01_15

(via petapixel)

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