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LOL! Mr Bean’s Face In Famous Paintings By Rodney Pike

VIRALPRIME.COM – Rodney Pike is an artist, illustrator and Photoshop expert. He specializes in caricature, photo manipulation and political satire.  In an ongoing series of hilarious photoshops, Pike skillfully blends Mr Bean face into famous paintings by artists like Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Bouguereau. Enjoy the hilarious photos below.

VP_20141002_01_01 VP_20141002_01_02 VP_20141002_01_03 VP_20141002_01_04 VP_20141002_01_05 VP_20141002_01_06 VP_20141002_01_07 VP_20141002_01_08 VP_20141002_01_09 VP_20141002_01_10 VP_20141002_01_11 VP_20141002_01_12

(via twistedsifter)

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