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Incredible Latte Art by Michael Breach

VIRALPRIME.COM – Michael Breach is a barista who gained popularity on the internet because of his beautiful latte art. The self-described “barista of the stars” estimates he has made ​​about 400 portraits with latte and he even did it at the request of the customer. See Breach’s amazing creations below.

VP_20140926_09_15 VP_20140926_09_16 VP_20140926_09_17 VP_20140926_09_18 VP_20140926_09_19VP_20140926_09_01 VP_20140926_09_02 VP_20140926_09_03 VP_20140926_09_04 VP_20140926_09_05 VP_20140926_09_06 VP_20140926_09_07 VP_20140926_09_08 VP_20140926_09_09 VP_20140926_09_10VP_20140926_09_12 VP_20140926_09_13 VP_20140926_09_14

(via BaristArt)

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