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Incredible 3D Notepad Art by João A. Carvalho

VIRALPRIME.COM – Artist João A. Carvalho aka J Desenhos draws incredible 3D notepad art that seems to leap off the page. Many of his drawings use the signature blue lines of a notepad , bending and twisting the lines to give his arts a 3D looks. Check out his Facebook page for more.

VP_20141111_02_01 VP_20141111_02_02 VP_20141111_02_03 VP_20141111_02_04 VP_20141111_02_05 VP_20141111_02_06 VP_20141111_02_07 VP_20141111_02_08 VP_20141111_02_09 VP_20141111_02_10 VP_20141111_02_11 VP_20141111_02_12 VP_20141111_02_13 VP_20141111_02_14

(via Twistedsifter)

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