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An Artist Make Cool Animal Sculptures From Trash

VIRALPRIME.COM – A Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo, aka Bordalo II, using trash, garbage and objects found in the street, he created amazing animal sculptures around the street of Lisbon. When you see his outstanding and colorful works, you will be amazed.

VP_20141004_01_01 VP_20141004_01_02 VP_20141004_01_03 VP_20141004_01_04 VP_20141004_01_05 VP_20141004_01_06 VP_20141004_01_07 VP_20141004_01_08 VP_20141004_01_09 VP_20141004_01_10 VP_20141004_01_11 VP_20141004_01_12 VP_20141004_01_13 VP_20141004_01_14 VP_20141004_01_15 VP_20141004_01_16 VP_20141004_01_17 VP_20141004_01_18

(via BordaloSegundo)

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