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Amazing Makeup Transformations by Lucia Pittalis

VIRALPRIME.COM – Makeup has the unbelievable power to transform people. Italy-based makeup artist Lucia Pittalis demonstrates the magic of cosmetics by turning her appearance into movie characters and music icons like Rambo, Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison by using just wigs, makeup, a few accessories. She told the Huffington Post

The process is studying the character—watching photos, movies, videos and saving frames where necessary. I think how can it be adapted on my face. It is a kind of acting process before. I must be that character. Then I put on background music related to that character to be in the mood and I start to watch myself in the mirror.

Enjoy the Jaw-Dropping results below.

VP_20141020_02_01 VP_20141020_02_02 VP_20141020_02_03 VP_20141020_02_04 VP_20141020_02_05 VP_20141020_02_06 VP_20141020_02_07 VP_20141020_02_08 VP_20141020_02_09

(via HuffingtonPost)

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