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Amazing Detailed Dioramas Look Like Real Life

VIRALPRIME.COM – Satoshi Arakis a Japanese hobbyist amazingly creates detailed dioramas at an incredible 1/32 and 1/35 scale and he does all of this work at night, after he’s done with his day job. When viewed at the right angle, Arakis’ dioramas produce the illusion that they’re scenes from real life. Here are some of amazing works from Arakis, hope you all enjoy it!

VP_20150220_01_01 VP_20150220_01_02
VP_20150220_01_04 VP_20150220_01_05 VP_20150220_01_06 VP_20150220_01_07 VP_20150220_01_08 VP_20150220_01_09 VP_20150220_01_10 VP_20150220_01_11 VP_20150220_01_12 VP_20150220_01_13


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